Don’t Like the Hospital? Be a Nurse Somewhere Else


Just because you wear the cap and uniform doesn’t mean that you have to work at a hospital if you don’t want to. Most hospitals are very busy places with lots of patients and doctors and other staff, all interacting and intersecting throughout their day. This can cause a lot of tension, especially if two people have opposing ideas regarding one task. Hospitals are also managed by a director board that control how funds are allocated, what appointments are made and how the hospital is administered. This makes for power politics in the hallways alongside the patients. So if you want to avoid all of the hospital drama but still want to take care of patients, here are some alternate options of employment:

Work in a Clinic

Apart from the bigger hospitals, there are smaller clinics everywhere that cater to smaller clientele. Dental clinics for instance are small and usually employ one dentist in Sunbury with several nurses in order to give one- on- one attention to their patients and manage the work load.

The same goes for other expensive type of treatments such as plastic surgery or sports medicine, which also operates in clinics. Outlying areas that are set away from urban centres also have clinics with one or two doctors and a couple of nurses who are skilled in dental work, small surgery, and childbirth, so if you like the peace and quiet of the countryside you can look into that.

Help at a Home or School

Elders and children’s homes require medical personnel 24/7 because of the risks involved with individuals who cannot take care of themselves. Therefore, nurses are a mainstay at elders’ homes and children’s home. Most of them only require nursing qualifications, although the more upscale facilities do ask for specialized training in child care of caregiving for the elderly. Schools are also famous for having a nurse who has to be fully trained in everything from first aid to sex education. If you are energetic and like working with children, then these are the places for you.

Become a Corporate Nurse

If you prefer a less stressful environment where the patients are less likely to emerge with a broken arm or bloody lip, a company will be your best bet. Large companies have medical personnel on hand for emergencies. However, most companies prefer not to have doctors as they affect the pay sheet; trained nurses are a safe alternative. Scoring a position as company nurse might not be easy however as the pay is good and working conditions are favourable and that means a lot of applications. If you manage to get the job however, remember that a company has as much politics as a hospital, even if they don’t necessarily concern the nurse’s office.

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